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Maria Radoje 
Music Therapy Reimagined

A spectrum of music therapy  

from an 

HCPC Registered

Music Therapist & Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery

Are you interested in personal growth and self development, or maybe need help with stress and anxiety, depression, complex health issues or trauma? 

By working with music and imagery, sound and silence, as well as a creative approach to therapy,  I hope you may understand yourself more deeply and develop resilience, inner resources and strengths to help cope with life's challenges. 

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"Music, as a structured envelope of sound, is probably the most effective and safe opener to the doors of the psyche. It reaches beyond personal defenses to the realities and beauties of the person. Music gives access to the discovery of inner strength, uncovers the potential for creativity, and manifests ways in which life can be lived from a center of inner security."

Helen Bonny

Guided Imagery & Music (GIM)


Music and imagery  helps access the inner world and imagination, facilitating self development, change

and growth​


A creative approach to clinical supervision for music therapists 


Active Music Therapy helps with self-expression and gives an experience of being heard and responded to as you co-create the music with the therapist

Blue Water
I'm excited to be working with the Sonora Interdisciplinary Organization for Music Therapy and Research to bring you an introductory workshop on Music Imagery and Mandalas, on Saturday May 13th online.

This workshop is for mental health professionals, music therapists and trainee and qualified GIM therapists, who want to know more about the uses of music and imagery, and to learn about mandala making and theory. 

For further information and to book, click this button 
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