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Listening to the Great Round and The Quadrants GIM Programme

Click on the button below to watch the film: 'Listening to the Great Round', first shown at the AMI conference 2021. The film combines images relating to the different archetypal stages of Joan Kellogg's Great Round of the Mandala with music. I created the Quadrants GIM programme as a means of exploring the relationship between these archetypes and music, and it is designed to take the listener on a journey through the Great Round. [The artists retain copyright of their music and artwork, and are acknowledged and referenced at the end of the film]
The pdf below titled 'The Musical Qualities of the Great Round of The Mandala' 
gives explanations of the musical qualities and their relationship to the Great Round, based on my heuristic analysis
Below are music resources and suggestions for listening to each stage of the Great Round which includes YouTube and Spotify links 
To listen to the full Quadrants GIM Programme on Spotify, click here: 
Please contact me if you wish to use any of this material for teaching or training purposes
a GIM Programme created for healing; the document contains information on the programme, to listen click on the Spotify link:    
Finding Hope:

a GIM Programme created for those who have become stuck and could benefit from a different perspective: 

There are three versions of this programme: 



Making a mandala for wellbeing: 

All you need is a piece of paper or tablet with a circle drawn on it, your favourite music, and some drawing materials, and you are ready to create!  Remind yourself of a good memory, and choose music that resonates with that feeling. Draw your mandala whilst listening, holding onto this positive memory experience.  Place your completed mandala somewhere it will remind you of that feeling whenever you need a boost. 


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