Resources Page 

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Downloadable resources on the mandala and music:  
The Musical Qualities of the Great Round of The Mandala PDF
Musical resources for the Great Round with different genres and suggested pieces for each stage
'Quadrants' a GIM programme based on the stages of the Great Round of the Mandala - includes a Spotify link to the programme
'Morpheus' GIM Programme, includes a Spotify link to the programme
and background information, with a focus on the Great Round   
Making a mandala for wellbeing: 

You can try this at home, all you need is a piece of paper with a circle drawn on it, your favourite music, and some drawing materials, and you are ready to create!  Remind yourself of a good memory, and choose music that also makes you feel good.  Draw your mandala whilst listening, holding onto this positive memory or feeling.  Place your completed mandala somewhere it will remind you of it whenever you need a boost. 


Music on this recording: Reflections, copyright Ola Gjeilo