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"I recently gave my first public performance for a long time, playing my own compositions to a silent film... I had to do a lot of preparation for the show both physically and mentally. Because it was a solo performance and I was doing a lot of free improvisation, it was important that I was relaxed and focused. In the weeks leading up to the performance I realised that the kind of preparation I was doing was learned from our therapy sessions. Taking care of myself, building a receptive and positive mindset and balancing critical thoughts with encouraging and more caring thoughts. As a result, I was able to acknowledge and find space for my nerves and I so enjoyed doing both performances.  Thanks for your great work!" 

'Adam' - Composer/Musician (In-person GIM therapy) 

" I started this therapy because my friend recommended it to me and as Covid time started it was a good moment for me to try.  Therapy with Maria helped me understand things about myself. It helped me understand the people around me and to handle my emotions better, Maria made me feel supported. 

Mandala drawings were interesting as they were showing moments from when I was very little until now the very present moments. Drawings also had the power to get me to the things that had been in my mind, but never really on them...stuff that had been hidden... I believe I am today better person because of it."  'Mia' - Dancer (Online GIM therapy) 

" I would like to express my gratitude to you and the way I experienced you in sessions, and for introducing me to music therapy with understanding, care, and compassion. It was a meaningful experience."

'Ruth' - Psychotherapist (Music therapy) 

"Working jointly with Maria in the music therapy sessions was a unique intellectual and emotional experience… Maria provided a secure base… in these non-directive sessions… through this experience I discovered that nonverbal therapy has a significant value and effectiveness in working with people with learning disabilities. To be with others in a compassionate, accepting and reinforcing environment was an eye opener for a psychologist trying too hard sometimes to change a clients experience, and believing that words should be sufficient for psychological change."  Michael, Co-therapist & Psychologist 

(Integrated Team Working: Music Therapy as part of Transdisciplinary and Collaborative Approaches by Karen Twyford , Tessa Watson, et al.  2008 p.111)

"You really lifted me from such a dark place. It's a wonderful, magical thing you do, helping people explore their own minds...the way you can remember so much detail and tune into people's perception of themselves, truly astonishing instinct..."  'Stefan', guitarist

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